Safely Serve (and Conserve!) Champagne

You know it when you here it, a LOUD pop followed by spraying, fizzing, spurtling sparkling wine. You try not to think how much you spent as a good percentage of the bubbles and liquid literally blast into the atmosphere. You say nothing as you take your first sip and note that your Champagne is flat. Oh well, you say to yourself. At least no one was hit by the cork! Don’t let this happen to you again. There is a tried and true method for serving Champagne that guarantees not only that your Champagne will stay in the bottle until you pour but also that it remain delightfully sparkling. More importantly the safety of you and your guests will also be ensured. Grab a case of the cheapest bubbly you can find (ex: Trader Joe’s sometimes carries a Cava from Spain at $4.99)…and practice while you watch this video!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 responses to “Safely Serve (and Conserve!) Champagne

  1. Mmmm, makes me thirsty 🙂 Thanks for posting Alexandra, I LOVE videos like this! I actually met David a couple of months ago when I was touring the PCI facility and I must say their cellar and “classroom” is totally state of the art. Looking forward to checking back in frequently.


  2. Sarita, I, too, know David Glancy and have been at PCI as well. Their wine cellar and custom-designed wine classroom are indeed state of the art. I can also say from first hand experience that their intensive wine course (the first one in America designed specifically to prepare one for the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Level I and II certification exams) is outstanding and has served me well.

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