I started and helped build and auction a 6,000 bottle wine cellar of rare and fine 19th and 20th century 1st Growth Bordeauxs, Grand Cru Burgundies, German Rieslings, Vintage Ports and California Cabs (among other fabulous things).  Now I’m a Certified Sommelier, member of the Guild of Sommeliers (USA) and WSET Advanced Certified.  For me, there is no separating food and wine, wine and friends, wine and life.  I love listening to people tell stories about their lives, intertwining their love of wine, food, and travel. I look forward to reading your comments and responding to them. 

Auntie Mame said it best:

“Live, live, live!  Life’s a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death.”

7 responses to “About

  1. Your Auntie Mame was one smart cookie 😉

  2. Alexandra, what an amazing way to become interested in wine. And, what an articulate and caring way to approach it in life’s best moments. I’m with Auntie Mame and you. I loved Mame’s lifestyle, and have shared it with more than a few children myself, and continue to live large. Now I know you’re one of us!

  3. [The comment below, like all comments on this blog, has been moderated. This comment has also been edited to reflect my (until now unspoken) policy) of not publishing comments which plug particular products, particularly when they are off-topic.]

    Hi Alexandra, like your Auntie comment.
    Is that car in your pic your car? Please tell me more. I’m curious.

    • Thanks for asking about the car, Rik. I was curious about when someone would inquire about it. No, its not mine but I wish it were. It is a 1925 (?) Star automobile, extremely rare. I believe there were only three in the USA in March 2003 when this photo was shot. One was in a museum and another’s location was (I thin) unknown. This particular car in which we were driven all around one of California’s beautiful wine countries is in the possession of a good acquaintance who takes very special care of it. For obvious reasons the owner and the location shall remain anonymous.

      Thank you also for writing to me about the “off-topic” topic (which I have edited out). It actually relates to a story I have in mind for another online publication. So I will check your recommendtion out and keep you posted by private email.

  4. Hi Alexandra,
    don’t tell me I’m the first one asking? 🙂
    Fantastic piece of history.
    Please accept my apology if I was off-topic (didn’t think I was) and let me know about this on line publication of yours. I will be looking forward to hearing your comment on that wine.

    • Not to worry. I’ll keep you (and all readers of this blog) up-to-date on anything I write that is wine and/or food related for any other publication. I’m not sure I’ll be mentioning that wine by name but I may be dealing with that general category for an online journal edited by a Southern Californian interested in my writing about wine and food politics. We’ll see if it works out…

  5. i am not so into wines as you are, BUT i do love drinking wines. what disgusts me about being back in the states in the high prices. rarely can i find my fave spanish wines here, and if so, the cost here equals 2-3 bottles i could buy back in Andalucia! sigh cheers! salud!

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