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Michel Rolland Wine in Siberia?

Michel Rolland wine in Irkutsk? What is this? A James Bond movie???

Actually, Irkutsk has long been known as “The Paris of Siberia”. Perhaps this is because Siberia was the place where writers, artists, and other intellectuals of earlier eras were sent into exile. Or perhaps it is because the exiled brought with them a taste for smuggled wine as well as vodka? In any case, Siberia is just the place for intrepid, wine-loving Globetrotters like Anja Cheriakova and Georges Jannsens to go searching for signs of wine. And guess what they have found!

Before I give you the link to their delightful World Wine Tour 2010 travelblogue let me fill you in on Anja and George’s story and that of the 5th annual World Wine Tour:

Anja, a young Belorussian woman from The Netherlands, and Georges, a young man from the United States are travelling the world’s wine countries on a charitable mission. At each stop or winery they hope to collect one wine bottle. Throughout the tour they will report on their adventures to their rapidly growing base of followers. All bottles collected will be shipped (thanks to JJ Hillebrand) to Napa, California where a charity auction will be held at Robert Mondavi Winery in 2011. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The funds raised by the auction in 2011 will go to help rebuild a school destroyed by massive flooding of the Mekong River in 2008.

Georges and Anja have written to me about how much their thoughts are with the people of Haiti right now. The funds raised by the World Wine Tour 2010 were already committed to the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation a year ago. Anja and Georges hope that the Globetrotters who embark on the World Wine Tour 2011 will choose a Haitian charity as the recipient of their philanthropic endeavors. In the meantime Anja and Georges ask their followers to donate to a reputable charity providing aid to Haiti.

Back to Michel Rolland and Irkutsk: Anja and Georges have just completed the Siberian leg of an exciting railway journey on the Trans-Siberia/Mongolia Express. I know you’ll enjoy reading about their discovery of fine wines in Siberia as much as I have. Here’s the link to Anja and George’s World Wine Tour Blog: http://www.worldwinetour2010.com. If you don’t find the post entitled “The Trans-Siberia/Mongolian Express: Unexpected Stories”, click on Archive and look for the story dated 12 January 2010.

To follow Anja and Georges on Twitter: AnjaCheriakova or @WorldWineTour
To Friend Anja and George and the World Wine Tour 2010 on Facebook, Search: “World Wine Tour 2010”

Jancis Robinson is one of the media sponsors of this year’s World Wine Tour. From time to time she’ll be reporting on Anja and Georges global “scavenger hunt” for fine wines. This post contains the Tour’s tentative schedule: http://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/a201001053.html

Veronique Barretto, a student in the Masters of Wine Business Program at the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France, just “discovered” the World Wine Tour 2010. The February 3rd, 2010 post on her delightful blog, Vinously Speaking, offers brief bios of this years Globetrotters. You’ll also find links to French, Spanish, and even Dutch language translations of the Tour’s website: http://vinouslyspeaking.blogspot.com/

DISCLOSURE: I have the pleasure of volunteering from home for the World Wine Tour 2010 moderating the Tour’s Facebook page and writing some of it’s Tweets.

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